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On October 14,2019, a paper announcement from Space Communications (600677, SH) burst into the flames. The listed company announced that the subsidiary's wisdom sea pie has nearly 4.5 billion yuan in accounts receivable overdue, huge debt default, false performance and other major risk matters.


As for the false performance of the Wise Sea faction, the Shanghai Stock Exchange quickly asked the letter, the CSRC stepped in to investigate, the major media have followed the report, trying to find out the flow of its huge accounts receivable. However, aerospace communications has been postponed to reply to the letter of inquiry, so far has not disclosed the specific performance of the subsidiary fraud.


In early december zhang ming, an employee of the original wisdom sea, plucked up the courage to tell the daily economic news reporter the truth about the fraud of the wisdom sea. \"Counterfeiting is called'C Single Business'within the Wise Sea, and there will be one person in each department who will be responsible for this, and everyone will fill in the information before each audit. For example, the product manager needs to complete the product definition, product project information and so on. It's an assembly line.


Zhang Ming also told reporters that wisdom sea sent employees to use all QQ mailboxes for false information transmission, do not allow the use of company mailboxes. \"We didn't know what this was about, the leaders made it up, and in 2017 we didn't do much, and since 2018, almost every two weeks, we've had a list, and we know it's just not broken, and we know it's leaky when we look at it.


In addition to the mysterious \"C-single business,\" the daily economic news reporter after a month of in-depth research, a survey found that the wisdom of the sea behind dozens of affiliated companies, top five suppliers, up to the next big customers, the so-called\" giant \"of the fake boom.


The story begins in march 2015, when aerospace communications, which lost nearly 100 million yuan in net profit to its mother, saw an excellent target for \"reviving its performance \", known as odm\/oem maker smartsea. The listed company intends to purchase a 51% stake in Zhihai Pai for 100 million yuan by issuing shares.


As a mobile phone factory, the wisdom of the Shanghai School, backed by the most popular cool school, a lot of wealth. In 2014, the company's net profit to the mother rose 386% to 100 million yuan. Not only that, in the acquisition agreement, the original shareholders of Wisdom Shanghai also \"Haoqi\" promised that during the period of profit commitment from 2016 to 2018, the company will realize the net profit of no less than 100 million yuan,300 million yuan and 100 million yuan respectively.


But in fact, for the mobile phone industry chain at the bottom of the factory, its performance will be largely affected by the company's major customers, often appear \"one glory, one damage\" phenomenon.


In 2013 and 2014, the company's largest customer was dongguan yulong communications technology co., ltd.(hereinafter referred to as yulong communications, i.e. cool faction subsidiary). The share of sales revenue of the wisdom sea party to yulong communications is as high as%, can be said to be a hedge.


However, accidents are always sudden. In may 2014, kopai's surviving carriers suddenly announced a reduction in terminal subsidies. To add insult to injury, competitors such as xiaomi, oppo and vivo have risen rapidly, sending cool's revenues down to hk $14.6bn (hk $14.6bn) from hk $24.9bn in 2014.


What's puzzling is that at a crucial time in 2015, when the coolies were on the decline, space communications chose to buy the sea of wisdom. So, the \"big gold master\" cool faction encountered Waterloo, the original shareholders of the wisdom of the sea in 2016, how to achieve a net profit of 100 million yuan?


At this time, a \"little-known\" company-red pie technology, like a knight in white, quietly became the largest customer of the sea of wisdom. Moreover, in the first year of its emergence (2016), the company contributed up to $100 million in sales revenue, or 16% of current sales.


Red pie technology is the new signing and trial production customer of smartsea in 2015, when it is expected to mass production in 2016. And orders disclosed by Smartsea showed that from January to August 2015, the company had achieved total sales of 1.06 million units to the Red Pie, almost the same period as the total sales to the Yulong Cool Pie.


According to industry and commerce data, Red School Technology was founded on September 15,2014. That is to say, red school technology has just been established a year, has become the wisdom of Shanghai million-grade sales of major customers. Oddly enough, red-style phones never seem to ripple in the market.


If the sales figures are true, then in the history of the mobile phone industry, the red pie mobile phone can be said to be the shortest mobile phone brand from the creation to the realization of millions of shipments.


But \"daily economic news\" reporters on a number of web platforms to search for keywords,\" red pie mobile phone \"information is very little. According to the only information available, in September 2014, Red Pie Technology released a smart phone in the form of crowdfunding, Red Pie V1, which claimed to \"start Nanchang Communications first shot,\" but the final crowdfunding results were unsatisfactory.


The “hongpai mobile phone has only seen the EVT (engineering validation test) installed the machine, has not seen the DVT (design validation test), how can it be mass production?" Ye lei (alias), a veteran employee of the shanghai r